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Most men don't realize that even the perfect suit can be ruined by and ill-fitting, poorly constructed shirt. At Garth's, we recognize the importance of the shirt - you wear it more frequently than your suit, it gets dirtier faster, and feels more daily strain/wear and tear. 

Our customer shirts come in a range of fabrics. We'll help you pick your swatches, from main fabric to contrast collars and button-hole stitching. Customize your color, include your initials on your cuff or color - the options are limitless. We measure you and build the shirt from the ground up, keeping your specific measurements and preferences on hand so you can reorder quickly over the phone or in store your next time around.  

Starting at $99

Package: 4 for $299

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Though less ornate, our ready to wear shirt options don't compromise on quality. Classic white and blue options available in store.

Featuring a spread collar, flat front, pocketless chest, synching cuff buttons, and a narrowed tapered fit. An incredibly affordable staple.

Starting at $75

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