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Every step of Garth's process is completely tailored to you - and our Half Build suits are no exception. 

FIT: Together, we find the base size that best compliments your body type & posture. 

PICK: You choose a fabric & style from our in-house or remote inventory. 

TAILOR: Your suit is pulled from our local or remote inventory (LA & NYC) and arrives at our local tailor the same/ next day. They then measure and pin to your form and preference to begin the tailoring process. Every seam is alterable.  

FIT:  Final Fitting (additional alterations if necessary).

Starting at $399

Package - $595 - Our Highest-End Half Build Suit, Full Build Shirt, Tie


Our Full Build is simple - you pick every last detail.

PICK: You choose from hundreds of fabrics, liners, lapels, buttons, pockets, stitches etc. - Every single piece and part is yours to choose.

MEASURE: We do a full measure, to the millimeter. 

CONSTRUCT: Your one of a kind suit is hand made by our master tailors abroad, and shipping to us - turnaround 3-4 weeks.

FIT:  Final Fitting (additional alterations if necessary)

Starting at $750

Includes - Full Build Shirt